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Picture framing preserves and showcases work that would otherwise be lost in a drawer or damaged.

Picture framing brings to life photos, paintings, calligraphy, and drawings while at the same time preserving them for years to come.


Equipment & Experience:

I have state-of-the-art framing equipment and can create mattes and frames with an outside measurement of 6 feet in length.

I trained/worked in Artworks framing Letterkenny under Seamus Quinn, possibly the best picture framer in Donegal.

Seamus taught me that putting thought into a picture frame, after carefully listening to the customers' input, is more important than using overly expensive materials to create a solid and clean-looking picture frame. 


Picture frame Design & Planning

All of the best materials can't replace an experienced design sense and a good listen to the customer's wishes.

I have seen very expensive picture framing jobs ruin a good photograph. I prefer to use affordable but sturdy picture-framing materials in a thoughtful way.


Matting is an important part of picture framing. Colored mattes usually end up looking dated. I prefer to use a bright white or warm white matte, with or without a window matte. 

framed picture of mount errigal in Donegal Irealnd

Black Picture Frames have a bold appearance that works well with black and white photos or any artwork that is high contrast.


White picture frames look clean and elegant but sometimes they can be too subdued much so. They work best with artwork that has lighter value scales.


Light grey picture frames look clean and elegant but don't get lost as easily as white can. They are a great framing option if the artwork is going to be hung on a white wall.


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